Reprint News! Lost Abyss / Incandescent Arcana /Paradigm Trigger Reprint Coming in Late June 2024!

Hello everyone! Today, we have some exciting breaking news to share with you!

Key Highlights:

  • Reprint set:
    • Lost Abyss
    • Incandescent Arcana
    • Paradigm Trigger
  • Reprint Date: Around June 28, 2024
  • Quantity: Approximately 20-40% of recent new set print runs


Sets Being Reprinted

The following three sets will be reprinted:

  1. Lost Abyss
  2. Incandescent Arcana
  3. Paradigm Trigger

These sets belong to the F regulation set, which means the cards included will no longer be usable in official play starting January 2025.


Timing and Background of the Reprint

The reprint is scheduled to hit the market around June 28th. This unexpected timing has sparked a lot of buzz on social media, with fans expressing both surprise and excitement. Rest assured, the information is confirmed!


The Allure of Reprinted Cards

The reprinted sets will feature highly sought-after cards such as Giratina VSTAR and Lugia VSTAR. For those who missed out on these sets the first time around, this is fantastic news!


The Motivation Behind the Reprint

The Pokémon Card Game team, known for their focus on consumer enjoyment, has planned this reprint meticulously. This move is primarily aimed at bringing joy to players who cherish the thrill of opening Pokémon cards.


Reprint Quantity and Availability

Here’s a breakdown of the reprint quantities in comparison to recent new set print runs:

  • Lost Abyss: Approximately 20%
  • Incandescent Arcana: Approximately 20-30%
  • Paradigm Trigger: Approximately 40%

In total, the volume produced will be on par with recent new Pokémon card releases.


Significance of This Reprint

The reprinted cards will still be usable in the current standard format, making them perfect for new players or those returning to the game. This reprint provides a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy the excitement of these cards once again.


In Conclusion

We’ve shared detailed information about the upcoming reprint of Pokémon card game sets. With the reprint just around the corner, make sure to keep an eye out and grab your favorites!


Market Price

Due to the reprint, box prices have dropped. If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on these sets, now is the perfect time to make your purchase. However, please note that prices may decrease further after the reprint date of June 28th. Use your own judgment when deciding to place an order.

Booster boxes

Booster Boxes Pokemon

Lost Abyss Booster Box S11


Booster Boxes Pokemon

Paradigm Trigger booster box s12


Sealed Cases

giratina v 111 alt art sr lost abyss s11 japanese pokemon card fuji card shop
serena 81 sr incandescent arcana s11a japanese pokemon card fuji card shop