Rumors of S6a Eevee Heroes Reprint in July 2024

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Hello everyone! Today, let’s delve into the current rumors surrounding the reprint of “Eevee Heroes”


Why the Reprint Rumors Spread

Recently, there has been a surge of tweets and posts claiming that Eevee Heroes will be reprinted. Here are a few examples:



Tweet 1: A tweet mentioned that Eevee Heroes and Blue Sky Stream would be reprinted in supermarkets, mass retailers, and card shops across Japan from mid-July to early August.


Tweet 2: Another tweet confirmed the reprint of Eevee Heroes and stated that the reprints would lead to a decrease in value. It even offered a giveaway of Eevee Heroes and Dream League boxes.



Tweet 3: A tweet excitedly announced the reprint, urging Pokémon card investors to take action and declaring it a victory for Eevee lovers. In this tweet, it appears that existing boxes have been modified to look like new boxes. A closer inspection reveals the alterations.

These posts have fueled speculation and excitement, but it’s essential to verify the information before believing it!


Possibility of Eevee Heroes Reprint and Reasons Reprints Are Difficult

The likelihood of a large-scale reprint of Eevee Heroes is minimal.

This is because Eevee Heroes contains E-regulation cards, which cannot be used in the current Standard Regulation (F, G, H), making it difficult for manufacturers to justify a reprint.

Reprinting could lead to consumer confusion and potential complaints! Especially when cards unsuitable for the current regulations are reintroduced into the market, it can cause issues among players.


Reprint Status of Other Boxes

Boxes like Lost Abyss, Incandescent Arcana, and Paradigm Trigger have been reprinted. This is because these boxes contain many cards essential for the current Pokémon card battling environment, making them valuable for reprints. These boxes have hardly been reprinted before, so this reprint holds significant value!


How to Avoid Questionable Information

It’s essential not to be swayed by potentially unreliable information on social media! Many accounts spreading reprint news lack credibility and are merely spreading baseless rumors. To get accurate information, it is crucial to check reliable sources.



I hope this article has helped you understand the reasons why a reprint of Eevee Heroes is unlikely and the reprint status of other boxes. While the possibility of an Eevee Heroes reprint is low, it cannot be completely ruled out. Stay tuned for more updates and information!


Current Market Impact

Due to the recent reprint rumors, the market prices for Eevee Heroes and Blue Sky Stream have been decreasing haha. 

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on these sets, now might be the perfect time to buy!



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