Time Gazer booster pack S10D


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Time Gazer Booster Pack S10D

Product: 1x Booster pack from the Japanese Time Gazer expansion set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
Set: Time Gazer S10D

Time Gazer released in Japan on 8th of April 2022, the set S10D has a total of 67 cards and 21 secret rares!

After the Battle Region Pokémon set, Time Gazer takes the new Pokémon that were featured in the Legend of Arceus game to the next level, Space Juggler has set the focus on Dialga in its origin form with some great cards featuring Dialga.
But just the legendary Pokémon Dialga is not the only thing in this set, New VSTAR cards like Liligant or even new Alternate Art cards from Machamp, Hisuian Liligant and the amazing Palkia!
This set also features new Trainer cards that are characters in the new Pokémon game Legend of Arceus like Gardenia, Adaman & Zisu.


  • There are 88 cards to collect from this set with different rarities.
  • This Pokémon set contains cards from the Japanese set S10D.
  • One Booster pack contains 5 cards.