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Time Gazer Booster Box S10D


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Time Gazer Booster Box 

Time Gazer was released in Japan on 8th of April 2022, the set S12a has a total of 88 cards, including 67 cards from the main set, 21 Super Rares (or most people call it, incorrectly, Secret Rares).

Product information:

  • Product: Sealed Booster Box (containing 30 booster packs)
  • Set: Time Gazer
  • Set number: S10D

Product features:

  • There are 88 cards to collect from this set with different rarities.
  • This Pokémon set contains cards from the Japanese set S10d.
  • The Vstar Universe Booster box contains a total of 30 booster packs.
  • One Booster pack contains 5 cards.
  • Every box should contain at least:
    • 3 or more V cards;
    • 2 Vmax or Vstar cards;
    • 1 Super Rare card.

Time Gazer – examples of the collection

Time Gazer – selling points

  • This set includes the very populair trainer Gardenia’s Vigor in Full Art form and Rainbow as well as the Path to the Peak as a Gold card
  • Includes fan’s favourites such as: Hisuian Lilligant V & Vstar, Gardenia’s Vigor, Origin Dialga V & Vstar, Jirachi V, Machamp V & Vstar and so much more!
  • Includes populair rarities such as Alternative Arts, Rainbow rares and Gold cards.

Time Gazer – Fan’s favorites