Battle Region Booster Pack S9a


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Battle Region Booster Pack S9a

Product: 1x Sealed Booster pack from the Japanese Battle Region expansion set of the Pokemon Trading Card Game.
Set: Battle Region S9a

Battle Region released in Japan on 25th of February, the set S9a has a total of 67 cards and 26 secret rares!

This set features some of the new Pokémon that were introduced in the new Pokémon Legend of Arceus game.
All new Pokémon Wyrdeer, Hisuian Samurott and Decidyue or for example the new evolution of Scyther named Kleavor and more!
This set also features new Trainer cards that are characters in the game and the so called new sparkling cards.


  • There are 93 cards to collect from this set with different rarities.
  • This Pokémon set contains cards from the Japanese set S9a
  • One Booster pack contains 6 cards.

S9A Battle Region