8 New Super Art Rares have been revealed (20 total)

vstar universe update 11-11-22

Vstar Universe update 11-11-22

On the 11th of November the Japanese Pokémon center spoiled us with another reveal. This time they revealed another 8 super art rares bringing the total off revealed Super Art Rares to 20! Let’s check out these new cards.

My thoughts on new Super Art Rares

I like the variety of these cards. For example: look at the #214 Simisear Vstar card. This card is extremely cute and then look at the #226 Lucario Vstar who is definitely down to have a fight with you. Seriously this card could be the cover from an action movie! Overall nice designs, obviously it is great to see that the Eevolutions are back and I also like the pink glow on the Regigigas Vstar.

Other revealed cards

Next to the revealed super rares we also saw 1 new art rare (which looks very cute) and a bunch of V’s, Vstars and another radiant card. Underneath you will find the highlights from the other cards.

Thoughts on other revealed cards

As a collector I am happy to see more radiant cards and art rares. If I am not mistaking tthe Radiant Eternatus is the first dragon type radiant cards so that’s pretty cool. From the art rares I get massive Vmax Climax vibes, these in Vmax Climax called ‘character rares’ were very populair and not that expensive. I am expecting you will be able to complete the art rares set very comfortably without spending too much, which is always a great thing.

Lastly if they bring out these ‘regular’ trainer cards I am happy they bring out the ‘friends-type of cards’ if that makes sense. I am not a huge trainers collector, but I do like to see those cards were you can see multiple trainers on 1 card, in my opinion this brings something extra to these cards.

Vstar Universe card list = updated

Be sure to check out our Vstar Universe card list as we are trying to keep this one as up-to-date as possible. If you have came across some newly leaked or revealed cards be sure to tag us on Instagram @fujicardshop and we will make sure to update the card list as soon as possible.