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Pokémon Card Game Scarlet & Violet booster SV6a Night Wanderer

The new booster “Night Wanderer” for the Pokémon Card Game’s Scarlet & Violet series introduces exciting new strategies and thrilling gameplay. Featuring powerful Pokémon such as Pecharunt ex, Iineinu ex, and Mashimashira ex, this pack is sure to enhance your battles. Pecharunt ex’s ability “Chain of Command” is particularly noteworthy for its strategic potential.

  • Contents: 5 random cards per pack
  • Box: 30 packs per box
  • Release Date: June 7, 2024

Experience the power of Pecharunt ex’s “Chain of Command” ability!

Key Cards Included

  • Pecharunt ex: Overwhelms opponents with powerful attacks and abilities.
  • Okidogi ex: Uses swift attacks to outmaneuver foes.
  • Munkidori ex: Boasts high defense, perfect for long battles.

Explore the new card designs and dive deeper into the world of Pokémon cards with the “Night Wanderer” pack.

For more details, visit the official page: Night Wanderer


SV6a Night Wanderer Secret Rare Cards




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