Shocking Volt Tackle Booster Box s4


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Shocking Volt Tackle Booster Box s4

Product: 1x Sealed Booster Box containing 30 booster packs from the Japanese Shocking Volt Tackle expansion set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
Set: Shocking Volt Tackle s4

Shocking Volt Tackle released in Japan on 18th of September 2020, the set s4 has a total of 100 cards and 21 secret rares!

This set features Pikachu, Talonflame, Orbeetle, Alakazam, Drapion, Galarian Sirfetch’d and more!
New trainer cards featuring Bea, Leon and Nessa.
Gold cards featuring Galarian Obstagoon, Telephoto scope and Memory Capsule.


  • There are 121 cards to collect from this set with different rarities.
  • This Pokémon set contains cards from the Japanese set s4.
  • Infinity Zone Booster box contains a total of 30 booster packs.
  • One Booster pack contains 5 cards.



The s4 Shocking Volt Tackle or Shocking Volt Tackle booster box is a Japanese booster box from the Sword & Shield Era. This booster box contains 30 packs and every booster pack has 5 cards in inside. Together with the s3A legendary heartbeat / pulse box this is about the same as Vivid Voltage of Sword & Shield in English. This set is based on Pikachu and contains for example the Pikachu V, Pikachu vMAX and Pikachu vMAX rainbow rare card.

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S4 Shocking Volt Tackle