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Ultra Shiny GX Booster Box SM8b


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Ultra Shiny GX Booster Box SM8b

Product: 1x Sealed Booster Box containing 10 booster packs from the Japanese Ultra Shiny GX expansion set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
Set: Ultra Shiny GX SM8b

Ultra Shiny GX released in Japan on 2th of November 2018, the set SM8b has a total of 150 cards and 100 secret rares!

This set features allot of Pokémon GX, Prism and Shiny cards, the so called shiny Pokémon which are Pokémon in a different color scheme which are very rare to find in the Pokémon Universe.
Full art shiny cards from some of the favorite Pokémon like Rayquaza, Umbreon, Ho-oh, Leafeon, Reshiram and Charizard!
New trainer cards featuring Cynthia, Guzma, Evelyn and many more!, 45 so called Baby shinies from all types of Pokémon!



  • There are 250 cards to collect from this set with different rarities.
  • This Pokémon set contains cards from the Japanese set SM8b.
  • The Ultra Shiny GX Booster box contains a total of 10 booster packs.
  • One Booster pack contains 10 cards.
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Dimensions 13,8 × 7,4 × 4,3 cm